Pragmatic and effective marketing practices to sell more

New quality standard.

From about 14 years the agency supports and guarantees very good quality of flyers distribution in mailboxes all over the country. This channel directly increases your sales. It requires professional experience, good organization and motivation.
We created standards and working procedures that minimize omissions and ensure maximum return on investment.
We optimized the process by a system for determining the most appropriate areas, periods and methods of distribution.

Why exactly non-personalised distribution?

Based on geographic or socio-demographic principle, this channel pushes the consumer to look exactly for your products or services. By non-personalised mailing you reach a huge potential audience, effectively creating your own media channel. You can set a budget, the most suitable areas for distribution, periods of campaigns, format of the advertising material, the frequency of the message.

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Your mail advertising can be optimized so that you get the best effect for the funds that you have invested.

Where the majority of your clients come from? Can you define the areas where it is most appropriate to distribute flyers and those in which it is better to stop delivery? Are you aware whether the distribution of your brochures is quality and regular?

The answers to these questions can save you a lot of costs on printing and distribution of leaflets, which will not get the expected results.

You can optimize the processes by various surveys and inspections.

• Optimal circulation distribution;
• Which areas are most suitable for you;
• Which neighborhoods and addresses regularly receive your brochures and which do not;
• Establish working procedures for couriers;
• Checking the quality of distribution.



Web key – the latest in marketing. Today modern approach combines electronic marketing and paper marketing. Be innovators, enjoy!

Web key is a small key attached to your presentation materials, regardless of their shape and design. Web key gives direct access to your website, online shop or on-line presentation. Web key is a new and interesting presentation material that will distinguish you and will cause the interest of your customers and partners- they will surely keep it.

Web key can be branded in all forms and attached to all advertising materials of paper – flyers, leaflets, brochures, catalogs and more.

For whom is suitable?
• Presentation of medical services, innovation, products, conferences;
• Proposals for relaxation and leisure, hotels or presentation of exotic destinations;
• Introduction of a new car model;
• Instructions for use, installation, operation requiring detailed guidelines;
• Generate traffic to your website, online shop;
• Introduction of new software;
• Events – upcoming events, campaigns, initiatives;

In fact, the web key gives unlimited possibilities in all areas and can present to the user any information uploaded online.

Email marketing supports relationship with customers and business partners, reducing marketing costs.

Email marketing offers timely information about new products and services and informs only those people who are interested in your business. Thus the advertisement becomes easier and news go directly to customers. Email marketing allows you to make your customers your loyal clients.

Program “5 minutes walk”
The program is targeted at small retail outlets and aims to attract customers who work nearby. If you own a pizzeria, restaurant, bar, dry cleaning, pharmacy, optics, beauty salon or other business premises, you have the chance to attract customers from nearby offices.



We organize the entire process


Design and prepress of the advertising material


Printing of the advertising product


Selection and coordination of the regions, identifying target groups


Scheduling distribution and mailing


Organizing the teams and delivery control


Reporting just after the end of the campaign